Our Craftsmanship


Translation in English below - 


"Life to me, goes by far too quickly. To do a single thing in a few decades... To put all of your passion into a single endeavour... Then many things feel like just yesterday, a blink of an eye."

""Handmade", means "from the heart"... "Artisanry" is also "from the heart"".

"People think that us persisting in crafting watches by hand, is pointless... But I think that to do things to the very best of one's abilities, is true wisdom".

"This is simply our way of doing things... To want to do something well, from the bottom of one's heart... And I do not believe in taking shortcuts or compromises".

"When you give of your all, with the wish to perfect your craft to the highest degree... And when that watch is completed, the feeling of accomplishment you feel... Is simply mesmerising".


-- Grandmaster Xu Yaonan, Architect of our CG24 Double Escapement Movement