About our Founder



Born in Singapore of Fujian ancestry, our Founder Benjamin Chee HH first gained a profound appreciation of Chinese history and culture as an intrepid young lad reading law in London. After many travels around the world, he decided to search for and learn more about his roots, and the land of his ancestors that his beloved late grandfather often spoke about.

Moving to Shanghai after university turned a burgeoning romance into the love of his life, when he experienced and fell in love with the quiet elegance and delicate grace of Chinese culture. And from that moment his life would never be the same again…

Whilst living in China, Benjamin would meet with many old craftsmen and see their wondrous works and their indomitable vigour. He would relish in commissioning bespoke artworks, but with his unique designs and improvements for modern life. He sought deeply to introduce the world to these exquisite crafts, to preserve Chinese cultural values in modern life, and to showcase the ancient Chinese spirit of ingenuity and invention.

As an Overseas Chinese, Benjamin has made it his sacred mission to build a truly Chinese luxury brand of global renown, and to build up the "Made in China with Pride" appellation as a mark of superior quality. Touched by the unyielding loyalty of his best friend and adorable corgi Chestnut, Benjamin has also made it his personal mission to help abandoned and homeless dogs around the world, to the greatest extent of his abilities.

To that end, Benjamin founded Celadon on 31 August 2012 to be a force for good in this world. And this is where our story begins...



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